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He has a passionate disgust for Grif, demonstrated by his repeated willingness to sacrifice Grif during combat missions as well as how all of his contingency plans are to kill Grif.Despite all of this, Sarge relies on Grif the most as the only times his suicidal plans work are when Grif holds an active role in them.

After his revaluation, he is shown to be a good motivational speaker, and speaks to the teams various times throughout the later seasons.It is eventually revealed that Grif does not avoid work or ignore orders out of sheer laziness, but as a way of showing disrespect towards Sarge, whom he dislikes.This bears out Church's assessment of Red team in the early seasons, judging Grif to be the most overall competent member, and the biggest threat, assuming he ever developed the motivation to use it.In season 15, Episode 6, Grif becomes extremely upset at the idea that not only has Church appeared to once again be resurrected, but that everyone else is prepared to leap into a new adventure to go save him.Having had his fill of action and life-threatening battles over the years since being stationed at Blood Gulch, Grif secludes himself into a cave where Dylan Andrews attempts to calm him down.

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